About us...

Who are we? 

We are a young, fast-growing agency GRANDMOTHERS FOR BABYSITTING, focused on babysitting in Prague, and the outskirts of Prague. Why the Grandmothers? Because our babysitters, which are taking care about your little ones, are fabulous mature women with a lot of experience and practice with children. They are simply magical substitute of the grandmother that your kids will love. We offer you the option of regular or irregular professional babysitting within the child's natural environment.


What do we offer? 

We provide the babysitting for all ages. We offer regular and one-time babysitting in a child´s natural environment that is at child´s home, where the kid feels the most comfortable. We are babysitting 7 days a week, public holidays and in the evenings. Do you need to pick up a child in the nursery garden or school? Are you looking for escort the children to the club, weddings, or even a vacation? Do you want to fully focus on your children, but do you want to have sometimes a moment just for yourself? You are here correctly. It is not a problem to agree on something. Tell us your wishes; we prefer an individual approach and your satisfaction. We will try everything to accommodate you. Our services are absolutely fair and direct negotiations. You will not find any hidden fees and the other prices than are presented by us. Our grandmothers are educated women, so there is no problem for us to take care about the child using foreign language.


Some of our services:

  •         regular and one-time babysitting
  •         picking up the child from the nursery garden, school
  •         to escort the child to the club, celebration etc.
  •         babysitting in the evening and at  night
  •         babysitting for the weekend and bank holidays
  •         babysitting for the several days
  •         escort for the holiday
  •         babysitting of the child that needs increased care
  •         gift vouchers for our services- can be made exactly to your wishes
  •         for the companies - genuine benefits for the employees
  •         ironing
  •         tutoring
  •         mediation of the babysitter   according to your demands
  •         babysitting in a foreign language – English, German, Italian, French, Russian


Where do we work?

We offer our services throughout Prague and we constantly expand our service in the outlying areas.

Praha west - Dolní Břežany, Roztoky, Berounsko, Černošice, Dobřichovice, Rudná.. 

Praha east - Brandýs nad Labem


We are two founders, both the mothers of young children. The idea of establishing an Agency for babysitting, in addition the babysitting to be done by the right grandmothers was brought to us by our own life experience. Both of us live in Prague, but none of us comes from Prague. This is connected with the fact that our children do not enjoy their real grandmothers so much, because of the distance. And therefore we provide such a granny patrol services to each other when needed :) And we are just simply missing the grandmothers and the grandfathers here.


Are you in a similar position? Do your children miss the contact with the older generation? Or would you like to entrust your child to someone who has had a great life experience, responsible approach to life, someone who will not rush from your children to have fun and at the same time you will enrich the counterparty on contact with children?


It is not our ambition to create the next big impersonal company for the babysitting, but we want to gain for a high individual approach to each family and to each of our grandmothers while maintaining a superior quality of the service.


Why is the babysitting mediated by our agency better in comparison with the other offers? Babysitting is provided only by experienced women, who mostly have their own children. Most grandmothers have medical or pedagogical education and long experience in a babysitting. All our grandmothers are personally reviewed and trusted women that have been chosen by us for you very carefully. Almost all grandmothers also have a first aid course. To us is also important the individuality of each guarded child. Grandmother is available to you basically anytime, you can count on us even in a situation where we are not prearranged and you necessarily need to provide babysitting.


Our agency is insured against injury to a guarded child and liability for damages in the amount of 5 million CZK!!!

If you have any questions, please contact us.